Ads Recommendation Create Dynamic PPC Ads in 3 Automatic Steps

Reach maximum buyers when they search on the web. Increase Click-through rate and get more sales for the same investment. Decrease cost per acquisition while real-time updating ads.

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HOW IT WORKS Dynamic PPC Ads 3 Steps Process

We score those items from your portfolio that have lower price than the competition and healthy margin. Than a data feed consisting of product names, categories, brands, prices and urls is created to populate predifined ads templates.

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Benefits Why Use Dynamic PPC Ads

Repricing automation
Low cost per aquisition, high return on investment

Your budget for PPC campaigns is optimized. Your buyers convert on lower cost and you get higher conversion rate.

Optimal pricing strategy
Appear in more search results

Dynamic Ads is also used for keyword extraction and keyword combination to get high reach to the buyers upon web search. Including the price in the ads makes them more vivid and attractive.

Black Friday prices setup and restore
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With Dynamic PPC Ads you always advertise attractive products that are most likely to be purchased by the buyers. If you create ads in the morning that are beaten by competition price at the evening, you pause these ads and include new ones where you have best prices.

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