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rule based pricing management

Rule-Based Pricing Management

Whether you want to reprice one item, many items or all products in your e-commerce shop, you have the flexibility to create a list of rules and automate the price dynamics at scale. Align with competition prices, define margin, exclusivity, similarity, markdown, conversion, inventory or demand strategies and step-up your top line growth. Test different pricing strategies and tactics and find the most efficient mix for our business.

Algorithmic pricing management

Algorithmic Pricing Management

Use AI and Machine Learning techniques for autonomous repricing based on price elasticity that aggressively maximize market share or conservatively raise profit.

Competition based strategies

Competition Based Strategies

Get advantage of real-time competition data. See how your products are positioned on the market at a glance. Escape the competition loop.

Digital marketing campaign optimisation

Digital Marketing Campaign Optimisation

Raise the efficiency of your PPC campaigns by advertising only products with best prices and healthy margins. Get up to 20% more sales on the same investment.

Future campaigns repricing setup

Future Campaigns Repricing Setup

Schedule future campaigns by setting up repricing rules for flash sales, seasonal, weekend or hot hours promotions. Avoid the fuss and get timely price change at the specific date/time, then have prices automatically restored according to the general pricing rules. You can easily set up for example a weekend promo and have lower prices on 00:00 Sat, then have your regular prices automatically at 00:00 Mon.



Use the Notification Rules builder and choose who will get email with report about changes in the competition prices and the difference between your current price and the lowest price on the market. Enable your Product Managers and other pricing people to respond quickly to the ever-changing market situation.

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