Pricing & promo automation
for retail

Get 20+ built-in dynamic pricing policies and AI models. Boost your profit and cut costs.

Pricing process implementation

Build your pricing logic

Create pricing policies based on competition and sales data

You are wondering how you can efficiently manage prices of all your products? DynamicPricing AI organizes this with a set of tools for competition monitoring, automated re-pricing and promo assistance. Companies switched to our system, now experience less confusion, improve the entire pricing process and progressively increase revenue and profit.


Average results

some of the achievements that we have conquered

11.9% orders increase

From manual re-pricing through price recommendations to full automation, create your pricing logic rules based on competition and sales data

18.8% revenue increase

Set up automatic daily promotions based on your configurations.

14.9% sold products increase

Your products will stand out as the best choice for price and availability

12.2% profit increase

Combine your sales, inventory, and competition data at one place to optimize all your prices


Why businesses like us


This is what the business says about us


Nikolay Milanov

Key Account Manager, Karcher
"Since 2021 we are extremely happy to colaborate with DynamicPricing AI."

Francesco Raganelli

DTC Business Coordinator, Haier
"DynamicPricing AI customer support were awesome during the implementation and beyond."

Demir Tonchev

Chief Data Scientist
“What I found particularly impressive about this product was its ability to analyze vast amounts of data and identify patterns that a human might not be able to see. This allowed the product to make informed pricing decisions that maximized profits while still remaining competitive in the marketplace”

Dimitar Petrov

Pricing Manager -
"DynamicPricing AI is a one-stop shop for competition monitoring and dynamic price refresh. I'm very happy we decided to integrate this solution and boost our pricing."

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