Dynamic pricing automation
for e-commerce and DTC

Dynamic pricing for optimized prices that are proven to increase profit and boost long term revenue

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Data-driven dynamic pricing approach

Dynamic pricing rules that keep an eye on competitors, and use AI-assisting models to find the next best price

AI Pricing Models

Optimize all retail prices simultaneously while blending revenue and profit with our models:

  • Price Explorer
  • Stock Optimizer
  • Adaptive Pricer
  • Markdown Runner
  • Demand-based multi-pricer

Dynamic Policies

IF-THEN pricing rules and formulas. Choose from the 20+ built-in pricing policies.

  • Reprice large product segments timely
  • Manage margin guards
  • Create clearance and promo campaigns
  • Align prices according to your competitors’ prices
dynamic pricing
dynamic pricing

Product Benchmarking

Browse a list of comparable products from your competitors. Create segments of similar products.

  • Filter products by features and specifications
  • Create and browse product segments
  • Compare products by ratings and reviews
  • Follow competitors’ promotions & assortments


What Dynamic Pricing AI clients
are saying

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dynamic pricing testimonial
dynamic pricing testimonial
months of historical data
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built-in pricing policies
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What do you get

Price Optimization

optimize the way you handle your inventory, your product demand, supply, and price elasticity

Streamline your market analysis

with real-time data capturing of competitors’ products, historical pricing trends, and product specs

Capture your customers’ willingness-to-pay

for any product, at any time, without any market analysis in days instead of weeks

Simplify the manual task of pricing products

across your entire catalog, done in minutes instead of hours

Dynamic Pricing solutions

Automations and AI models
for e-commerce and DTC

Meet requirements, achieve goals and achieve company-wide success

Solutions by Task

Streamline processes and tasks to achieve higher results. Address specific business challenges or requirements efficiently.

  • Stock clearance
  • Price optimization
  • Promo & markdown automation
  • Market analytics
dynamic pricing
dynamic pricing

Solutions by Role

We help teams and roles across organizations achieve success easily with our dedicated solutions.

We have tools and solutions for:

  • Product marketers
  • Pricing analysts
  • Revenue officers
  • Business units

Solutions by Industry

We support the success of organizations across a broad range of industries. We help companies and organizations from various industries achieve success and grow their businesses.

  • Retail and e-commerce
  • DTC brands
  • Vendors & distributors
dynamic pricing

Your Competitive X factor

Successfully manage your prices with minimal effort

You can build, implement, and assess the complete pricing process even if you are not technically skilled.

There is no need for coding to configure price rules. Setting margin guards does not require any code.

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