Product Benchmarking

Get a real-time view of
the market segments, product positioning and prices

take advantage of the current price market fluctuations and gain profits

Your pricing strategy improved

Automated product comparison for identical and similar products.
Find comparable products and tune your pricing strategy

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Open the eyes of your marketing

Stop doing it manually get it done ion just a few clicks.

Comparison of identical and similar products, carried out by an automated system.

Find comparable products, then adjust your price strategy accordingly.

Establish extremely specialized market subgroups. 

‘Steal’ data from your competitors

Comparing identical and comparable products automatically. Identify comparable products and adjust your pricing strategy accordingly. Develop granular market segments based on:

  • Filter products by features and specifications
  • Create and browse product segments
  • Compare products by ratings and reviews

Find similar products with our machine learning capabilities

Our software robots automatically scrape data from your competitors’ websites, extracting tens of thousands of pricing, promotions, and availability. All of this in a matter of minutes!

Quickly spot where you lose sales and miss profit. Benchmark prices on categories, product groups, and brands

Pricing Monitoring

Automatically monitor the prices of your products on the market. Gain control on pricing and improve channel partners relationships.

  • Monitor channel partners’ pricing and promos
  • Prevent price war
  • Set up email notifiers to follow price changes

Successfully manage your prices with minimal effort

You can build, implement, and assess the complete pricing process even if you are not technically skilled. There is no need for coding to configure price rules. Setting margin guards does not require any code.

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