Product Benchmarking

Find, analyze, and compare similar products

Product price analytics for clusters of comparable products from other brands

Analytics Intelligence

Outperform competitors

Build specific segments for any price range

Market positioning intelligence and data

Create and monitor competitor product segments, and plan your next step for your products’ positioning.

  • Filter by the most important product specifications
  • Keep track of newly launched products within segments
  • Get historical data on the products’ price evolution 

Product purchase likelihood

Does your product stand out and shine in your market? Develop granular segments and identify the best-rated products.

  • Compare by ratings and reviews
  • Identify market density and saturation
  • Easily export structured data for reports and analysis
Steal_Data 1

Find product variants

Extract underpriced or overpriced available products.

  • Spot cheaper/expensive product variants sold by your competition
  • Filter by overpriced or underpriced product variants
  • Adjust your pricing and don’t leave money on the table

Pricing Monitoring

Automatically monitor the prices of your products on the market. Gain control over pricing and improve channel partners’ relationships.

  • Monitor channel partners’ pricing and promotions
  • Prevent price wars
  • Set up email notifiers to follow price changes

Use competitor data to your advantage

Improve your market positioning, predict purchase likelihood, and price your products at the best-selling prices

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