We are a team of professionals with long experience in retail and software development. We believe that retail pricing must be transparent and easy to manage. Our mission is to help teams around the world be flexible in creating, executing, and improving pricing processes.


Demir Tonchev

MS Statistics  | ML Engineering & Data Science

Georgi Angelov

PhD Math Candidate | Optimization & Data Science


Simeon Lukov

CEO, Founder | MS Math

Mikhail Stoyanov

CTO | BS Math 

Raquel Del Corral

Customer Success

Dev Team

Niki Gatev

Head of Data

Ronaldo Mata

Data Extraction Engineer

Borislav Borisov

Platform Developer

Stanislav Atanasov

Senior Platform Developer

Sales & Marketing

Nicky Nikolaev

Head of Marketing & Partnerships

Jason Leonberger

Director of BD Americas

Thomas Forstpointner

Sales – DACH

Mihail Z. Mihalev

Business Development Manager – Nordics


Dimitrina Sirakova

Chief Front-End Developer

Daniel Chernashki

Graphic Design


Alexander Tsenkov


Antoaneta Ashkenazi

Account Manager

Nikolay Vangelov

Data Entry Lead

Plamen Tsvetkov

Data Enrichment Lead

Natalia Nikolova

Account Manager

Kalina Stoimenova

Data Entry

Nikolay Donev

Data Entry

Yuliya Kissl

Data Entry


Ivan Tsankov

Customer Support Manager

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