Dynamic Pricing Policies

Automated strategies for any pricing logic

20+ built-in and custom pricing policies for every scenario that you can think of

automate revenue and profitability

Yor advantage

Execute your best pricing logic on the fly

Save time and utilize the policies that match your business logic and perform re-pricing actions without the need for an IT team

Divide & Conquer

Divide your products into segments that utilize specific business policies and automations.  Create pricing policies for any situation that you could experience:

  • Easy-to-use interface with formulas & a policy builder
  • Set a mix of conservative and aggressive strategies 
  • Constant new price suggestions 
  • Use our API to fully automate the newly discovered fresh prices 

Margin guards down to the SKU level

Set price boundaries for min-max price ranges

  • Create pricing policies for any business scenario
  • Reprice large product segments
  • Re-price by a specific price range
  • Align prices according to your competitor’s prices
  • Manage products’ markups and control your margin guards

Measure the impact of price elasticity

The success of a business depends heavily on the elasticity of its products.

Change consumer demand and drive higher profits.

Control the buying behavior of users

Understanding a product’s elasticity is crucial for the success of any enterprise. 

A company can then proceed to fix the prices of its manufactured products and increase its profits.

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