E-commerce pricing optimization

Demand-based multi-pricer

Store level profit-revenue optimization model

How can you set revenue and profit goals for your whole store automatically?

With only several categories making revenue, you could be perceived as an affordable merchant. The rest of your goods can be priced for profit or a mix of both.

Check the 3-step process to optimizing prices in the entire store

1. Demand forecasting

Get advantage of your demand data and analyze price elasticity to:

  • Utilize store orders
  • Sort elastic and inelastic products
  • Find price-quantity relation

2. Revenue vs. profit calculation

Decide on the desired levels of revenue and profit. Maximize revenue and profit by optimizing all retail prices at once.

  • Get optimal prices drawn by the model
  • Re-assess profit and revenue limits
  • Take into account the strategic goals

3. Apply business rules

Get the next best prices from the model and make sure all business rules are taken into account: margin guards, competition levels, roundings, shipping costs …

  • Set your boundaries and constraints 
  • Follow the short term price elasticity changes
  • Iterate and monitor the progress

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