Pricing solutions by task

Meet requirements in a timely manner

Pricing solutions by task for e-commerce, retail and DTC teams to streamline processes and achieve higher results

pricing solutions by task

Your tools

Address specific business challenges or requirements efficiently

Solve business problems and deliver cost-savings via our pricing solutions by task

Stock clearance

Expedite inventory turnover while maximizing revenue with:

  • Built-in pricing strategies for stock clearance
  • AI inventory models that set your next-best prices
  • Pricing inventory analytics and storage lifetime data
  • End-of-life product clearance 

Competition monitoring

360-degree view of competitive prices, promotions, and assortments offered through:

  • Large-scale crawling data analysis
  • Matching identical & similar products at scale
  • Tracking of discounts & promos
  • Historical pricing data automation
  • Notifications & alerts on competitors’ actions

Market research

Knowledge is power. Find quickly:

  • The entire portfolio of competitors’ products
  • How to penetrate new markets
  • Spot new exclusive products of your competitors
  • Market research analytics data

Promo & markdown automation

Meet demand uncertainty and optimize your stock with proven revenue models for:

  • Fixed inventory counts
  • Seasonal items
  • Optimal price reductions 
  • Sequential discount price ladder

Automate daily and repetitive tasks

Simplify the manual tasks of stock clearance, competition monitoring, market research, or promotions across your entire catalog, done in minutes instead of hours.

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