Pricing solutions by role

Solutions for company-wide success

We help teams and roles across organizations achieve success with our pricing solutions by role

pricing solutions by role

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We help you drive greater company success

Solve business problems and deliver cost-savings with our pricing solutions by role

pricing solutions by role

Product marketers

Tools for benchmarking and dynamic pricing. Take advantage of the current price and market fluctuations and gain profits.

Automated product comparison for identical and similar products. Find comparable products and tune your pricing strategy.

Pricing analysts

Price elasticity and fast reinforcement learning capabilities. Use AI models trained to improve orders, profit, or revenue.  

Our AI tools include:

  • Price testing
  • Stock optimization
  • Adaptive pricing

These tools allow domain experts to use their knowledge in combination with our machine-learning capabilities.

Revenue officers

Extract the maximum possible margin from each item. Generate extra revenue during the entire product lifecycle.

Get equipped with pre-built tools and AI models for revenue optimization and price analysis.

Business units

Dashboards and reporting.

Get a bird’s-eye view of your retail, e-commerce, or DTC business. Track profit, revenue, and the number of items sold. 

Automate repetitive tasks

Simplify the manual tasks of stock clearance, competition monitoring, market research, or promotions across your entire catalog, done in minutes instead of hours.

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