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We help consumer goods companies achieve success and grow their business

Industry expertise

Access to industry-tested models and strategies

Tap into models, strategies, and pricing solutions by industry that scale DTC, retail, and e-commerce companies beyond the 7–8-figure level

Retail and e-commerce

Orchestrate a symphony of data-driven decisions considering real-time demand, inventory, and competition to go beyond mere pricing adjustments.

Get your business processes in order with the help of our AI technology and industry-used software tools that help companies achieve their full growth potential.

DTC brands

Channel monitoring, product benchmarking, and dynamic pricing tools and strategies

Execute the right price changes, monitor competitor products, and automate market strategies to boost sales in your DTC channels.

Stand out from your competitors with your flagship store-optimized product pricing.

Vendors & distributors

Monitor channel partners and plan positioning, prices, and promotions.

Prevent price wars and get notifications on price changes.

Track price alignments locally or internationally.  


Automate daily and repetitive tasks

Simplify the manual tasks of stock clearance, competition monitoring, market research, or promotions across your entire catalog, done in minutes instead of hours.

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